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At City of Hope International Church, we believe that the Lord’s work is a shared responsibility. As we work diligently serving our community and beyond, we are sustained by generous and consistent giving. This scriptural practice is a cornerstone to meeting our goals and missions. The following five principles guide our giving:

1. The Lord expects us to give. (Matt. 6:2; Exodus 25:1)
2. Giving is an act of worship. (I Cor. 16:2)
3. Giving should be done in light of Jesus’ costly sacrifice. (II Cor. 8:9)
4. Christians should give in accordance with their means. (II Cor. 8; I Cor. 16:2)
5. God's liberality to us is connected to the liberality of our giving. (II Cor. 9; Matt. 6:4)

Give Your Time

Would you like to volunteer your time to a particular event or for general support? If so, please see our Events page for upcoming events OR tell us how you’d like to help by contacting us by phone at 619.266.2626 or email at

Give Your Talent

Do you have a professional skill (medical doctor, lawyer, carpenter, interpreter, etc.) and would like to serve in your skilled capacity? If so, please contact us by phone at 619.266.2626 or email at

Give Your Treasure


Biblical tithing refers to the practice of giving one tenth of one’s income for the work of God. As messaged in the Scriptures, we believe tithing is a response of gratitude and an obligation.

"Free-Will" Offering

A love offering is a voluntary sacrifice as opposed to one given out of vow or consequence. Generally, it is given above and beyond a person’s tithe. It is not to be given grudgingly or under constraint, but given cheerfully before the Lord, whereas it is the overflow expression of Gods active grace in our lives.


Text iamthecity to (833) 245-7614

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